Lech Consulting is a company established in 2005. During 19 years of experience, we have built effective know-how that we share with our clients.

We specialize in consulting, obtaining and settling grants from EU funds. We have successfully completed over 1,200 projects.

We support our clients in the development of their organizations, implementation of their business, social and environmental goals.

We effectively use the proven knowledge of our experts who are specialists in their field.

Przemysław Komorowski

PhD in law, professionally dealing with EU funds for almost 15 years. He supports international organizations in the implementation of projects in Poland. He successfully supports domestic and foreign clients in obtaining grants from programs financed by the European Commission (including Horizon Europe, Life+). He specializes in highly innovative projects, which often require support already at the project concept stage, determining the stages of R&D work, as well as effective implementation.

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R&D projects:

We will help you gather project team, prepare assumptions, build a budget and work plan.

We will carry out the project with you and advise you on how to use the funding effectively.

Implementation of Innovations and Investments

We will evaluate the innovations planned for implementation. We will build a project that is optimal for your organization.

We will coordinate the work related to its implementation and effective utilization of the grant.


Support in the entry of foreign entities to Poland

We help foreign companies in establishing, building and developing their activities in Poland.

We advise, among others in legal, tax and marketing areas and we obtain EU grants.

Digital transformation and robotization

We will check the degree of digital development of your company.

We will advise you on how to effectively use Industry 4.0 technologies and robotization in your organization to take it to the next level.

Circular Economy (CE)

We will analyze the life cycle of your products, from the raw materials used to the generation of waste.

We will obtain funding for goals related to the energy efficiency of your company.

Energy Efficiency

We will advise you on how to increase the energy efficiency of your organization and we will obtain grants for this purpose.

Together we will implement the project and monitor the indicators.

European Commission Funding

We will prepare all needed documentation concerning grant application from programmes financed directly by European Commission (e.g. Horizon Europe).

We will do research, analyze dozens of possible calls for proposals and choose the right financing for your goals.

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Przemysław Komorowski
mobile +48 504 928 498